It’s not just about the new tech, or ‘how’ we do things. It’s about meeting people and sharing the connective human ideas behind the tech – ‘why’ we do things. Having owned technology and software development companies for over twenty years, it is that perspective that inspired me to be curious about the touch points between the story and essence of people and technology. I saw many times where tech was built but the heart of the originality and passion of those creating or investing in it was not translated which has profound impacts on the success. Taking traditional software development methodologies and best practices we have added processes and services to ensure the delivery of purpose-driven technologies. Clarity is crucial, we deliver clarity and clarity delivers results.

I founded Be The Apple with a desire to bring transformation and enable authenticity in the space between building technologies and people. Our specific processes and services help create a unique approach required for your idea to become a successful reality. When we are all better versions of ourselves, our impact is infinitely more meaningful. Let us help you translate that into technology.

I am absolutely enjoying every minute of nurturing the safe, collaborative and positive space we hold with our clients. As I honor my values for passion, authenticity, creativity, impact and freedom I get to witness the wonderful ideas of entrepreneurs, students, women in tech and more become a reality.

April Abboud



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With a flash of inspiration, you’ve conceived a tech idea that could be a game-changer. Unfortunately, all you have is the idea; the tech know-how to make it happen is completely absent. What should you do?
If this is the predicament in which you find yourself, take heart. You are in good company. We share with you how to take your tech idea from a daydream to a successfully executed startup and outline what the next steps will be to get you on track with budgeting, strategic meetings and understanding your outcomes. This will deliver the clarity essential to get a mock-up or proof of concept created with Investors. We can work with resources you already have or we have our own resources to help put the pieces together.


So now it's time to elect your MVP (Most Viable Product). What is the most fundamental functionality that your app or site idea needs to have? We work with you to begin the scoping process of getting the heart of the entrepreneur translated over into the technology and in a conservative fashion. Now it’s time to build your story and make it compelling with mock-ups and paint the pictures for investors, alliances, customers and all stakeholders. Our processes make sure you not only show technical ability but also tell your story, what makes you unique and why should anyone care. Once we have this, you can use it to raise funding or further your clarification and are ready to create and test.


Validating the demand for your idea is more important than ANYTHING. More important than the features, your team, the design, the pricing - everything. Without market validation you’ll have a product that no one will pay for or does not care to use. We work to delivery clarity on the answers you need so you do not burn a lot of time, energy and cash and end up stressed and definitely burned out.
The idea is to build mock-ups or prototypes incorporating feedback to your MVP (Most Viable Product). Unfortunately, many products are validated mostly by friends and family. Let your prospects define your roadmap!


It is time to build out and launch Version 1.0 and will require a more detailed approach to the specifications. This will require more in depth work with software, design, marketing and PR teams. Let us handle the collaboration for the technical specification documents and also serve as a voice of reason for what is required to launch your MVP. Often times the hardest part is keeping a timeline and making sure that technical resources are performing as they should. We can handle that too.
We make sure the translation of the idea gets built according to expectations. Integrated discussions for your plan on branding and marketing are important all the way through to your launch!

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Who Calls Us?


  • Entrepreneurs

    In the world of tech startups, hype and anticipation are never in short supply. We’ve heard it time and again: The next big thing is going to forever transform how we live, work and play. Who’s next? Which up-and-comers will rise above the rest this year and make their mark? We enjoy working with Entrepreneurs to get clarity, validation, planning, strategy and deployment achieved with smart use of time and money.

  • Investors

    As startup investing increasingly becomes a key investment strategy for many who are looking to add high-risk, high-potential-reward alternative assets to their portfolio, investors are finding ways to help make sure the investment becomes a viable success. We support investors by working with their clients to build technical confidence, maintain originality, and act as a partner in plotting a course for success. We understand what the investor is looking for and work with them to ensure they get the answers they need.

  • Startups

    An online service primarily focused on discounts and community endorsed recommendations for services needed clarity. What was discovered is they still needed to validate that their offering was viable. From this reality we were able to outline next steps critical to the survival and success of their idea. We provided clarity and contacts to figure out what the next critical steps were. Innovation alone cannot facilitate success. We assist startups in making technical decisions, translating requirements and validating early to help deliver on time and within budget.

  • Software Developers

    By applying agile principles across the software development life cycle it makes your value stream lean and agile which in turn results in continuous value. We work with Software Development companies to help ensure success in the communication and translation of business requirements from their clients to help make the deployment journey successful. We have many customers in off-shore locations where we work with the team in direct interaction with their clients during the translation phase to improve the communication as well as serve as a voice of reason for the approach to validating whether the product is viable. We Continue Reading

  • Corporate Teams

    A leader in a large corporation had an issue with customer satisfaction due to not being able to get real-time information. We integrated the ability to integrate vendors and suppliers with their online storefront. By creating this opportunity they marketing this as a competitive advantage because it increased the volume of sells and ease of use and workload for their vendors, resellers and suppliers.

  • Education

    A new school wanted to offer a broad, balanced, relevant and stimulating curriculum that is supported by the latest advances in technology. We made sure that what was recommended expanded the students, parents and teachers interaction. We worked with the school leadership team to find and provision the technology platforms and infrastructure to support the vision of the school and help ensure their ethos was preserved and supported when interacting with their technology.

  • Healthcare

    Digital health includes companies that use software or data to improve efficiency and outcomes in healthcare; it includes health wearables, EHR companies, healthcare software, digital therapeutics, etc. A startup wanted the entire interaction—from booking to payment— to occur online which means that health professionals can reach patients anywhere in the world. We worked to help translate this vision into a reality and deliver success.

  • Ecommerce

    A local retailer wanted to increase the conversion rate of sales on their online storefront. We worked to verify the current shopping platforms, workflows and fine-tuned the online conversations to make sure their customers were getting what they want when they needed it. Part of evaluating existing technology is looking at how the current technology spend is working. By working with the digital marketing teams to help align the flow of the technology with the conversations they want to be having with their target customers an increase in traffic and relevant fame that leads to more conversion was achieved.

Delivering Purpose-Driven Tech

Technology is changing the way in which individuals and markets interact worldwide. It has become the medium in which information is being transferred and plays a critical role in how we navigate the creation of new systems and processes in our communities. We engage directly with entrepreneurs, investors, and technology companies with our ‘purpose-driven’ approach to technology. Translating the heart and passion behind the impactful ideas can improve the lives and livelihoods of people across the developing world.

So, what distinguishes our purpose-driven technology approach from other types of technology projects? Traditional models of building out technologies and products yield functional products that often no one cares about. When working with our clients, we are learning about how their idea is disruptive and can include technological tools that address some of humanity’s toughest problems and improve quality of life. Purpose-driven technology solutions create lasting impact. Our Lean-Agile approach to getting the idea built combined with our C.O.R.E. methodology creates something not just technically sound but an experience that creates stakeholder loyalty and inspires transformation.