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Portfolio Category: Whocallus


In the world of tech startups, hype and anticipation are never in short supply. We’ve heard it time and again: The next big thing is going to forever transform how we live, work and play. Who’s next? Which up-and-comers will rise above the rest this year and make their mark? We enjoy working with Entrepreneurs…
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As startup investing increasingly becomes a key investment strategy for many who are looking to add high-risk, high-potential-reward alternative assets to their portfolio, investors are finding ways to help make sure the investment becomes a viable success. We support investors by working with their clients to build technical confidence, maintain originality, and act as a…
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An online service primarily focused on discounts and community endorsed recommendations for services needed clarity. What was discovered is they still needed to validate that their offering was viable. From this reality we were able to outline next steps critical to the survival and success of their idea. We provided clarity and contacts to figure…
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Software Developers

By applying agile principles across the software development life cycle it makes your value stream lean and agile which in turn results in continuous value. We work with Software Development companies to help ensure success in the communication and translation of business requirements from their clients to help make the deployment journey successful. We have…
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